Wedding videographers

Francesco & Chiara.
Partners in life, after having worked together on several projects, we found Urania joining together our complimentary skills. We love sushi, travels and being hilarious.

We guess you would like to know more about us, so let’s just take a minute to talk about the people beyond the camera.

What better way to start than talk about things we love to do?

Playing a role in the building memories process is a big challenge and a great honor that we love to accept with all the responsibilities.

People from all around the world have come with all their hopes and dreams in front of us, different people, all of them, but always aware of how special and unique their “days” are.

We cannot hide we love to tell your story, yes of course, but in every shot we take, in every cut we make, we are also telling something about us, about our sensibility, our way to see the world. But what makes wonderful the world? You.

So let’s start this journey with you.

This lovely shoot in Positano courtesy of Serena Genovese Photography.

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